We offer courses to the public from time to time, which are relevant to positive transformation of the enterprise.  If you don't see a course in your area, in a timeframe that would accommodate your needs, please reach out to us, and request one.

Here is what our students had to say about a new course certified in Leading SAFe (All course participants passed the certification exam.) a curriculum created by Scaled Agile Inc.

"Jon kept us participating, scaled the amount of time per section based on reading the class and understanding which parts we needed more time on and which parts we already had a good grasp of."

​"I think he does a good job given the material. Being forced to walk through a powerpoint is a tough gig. He typically pulls in external examples and resources to help flesh out and emphasize the important parts."

​"The slide deck was definitely pretty fresh, even with a few things out of logical order, but Jon handled working through all the topics expertly."

Courses we offer in Public or Private classes include:
Leading SAFe 4.0 with SA Certification
SAFe 4.0 for Teams with SP Certification
SAFe 4.0 PM/PO with PMPO Certification
SAFe 4.0 Scrum Master with SSM Certification
SAFe 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification
SAFe Product Owner Orientation
SAFe Scrum Master Orientation
Value Stream Workshop
Program Portfolio Management Workshop

Agile Team & Program Formation Workshop
Retrospectives That Scale Workshop
Kanban for Teams
Scrum for Teams
Lean Software Development Workshop
​User Story Mapping Workshop
The Core Protocols Workshop
Open Space Technology Facilitation Workshop
Open Space Agility
Mob Programming
FAST for Teams